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Big Ass Robot Invades Santa Fe

October 14, 2015 at 3:01 pm
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Work continues daily on Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return, down at the former Silva Lanes.

And now we have a supervisor on site to make sure no one is goofing off. A towering kick-ass robot has just arrived to take up residence in the parking lot (he’s too big to actually fit inside the building).

The robot — who does not have a name as yet, though we hope to have some announcements about that soon — was designed and built by sculptor Christian Ristow, and made his debut at Burning Man. Yes, he “works.” When powered up, he lifts his arm to sniff that daisy in his hand and also stomps small cars into pancakes. (Not really).

He is going to look especially impressive at sunset, we think. Like here.

Now all we have to do is give him a gigantic bowling ball, so he can bowl down that old Silva Lanes neon bowling pin across the lot.

You can see “Becoming Human” at the former Silva Lanes right now… but please stay back behind the chain link fences. This is an active construction site, and hazards abound.