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Jets Soar

December 13, 2015

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Okay, not bad, not bad… the Jets won their third in a row this morning, by the convincing score of 30 – 8. Fitz was solid and efficient at QB, the running game was cooking (especially Chris Ivory), Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker had strong games at wideout, and the defense looked hellacious.

It is enough to give a boy hope.

Of course, it was against the Tennessee Titans, so one cannot read too much into it.

Speaking of the Jets… I never got around to posting about last week, and their overtime win over the Giants. Every four years I face a Sunday like this, when my two teams go head to head. (I hope someday to see them go head to head in a Subway Superbowl, but I am starting to think I will never live that long). When that happens, I basically just root for a good game with no injuries… well, unless one team is in contention and t’other ain’t.

Jets/ Giants 2015 was certainly an exciting game, and Gang Green gets props for hanging in when things looked dark… but, really, it was more a case of the Giants losing the game than the Jets winning in. The G-Men had a ten point lead in the fourth quarter, and managed to blow it… as they have in four or five other games this season. Sadly, the Giants D does not seem capable of holding a lead, and while the Giants O can certainly put up points, they don’t seem capable of running out the clock to close the deal when that’s what is required. They keep trying to pass when all that’s needed to win is some good runs to move the chains and eat the minutes.

It does boggle the mind to realize that the Giants could still win the NFC East (though I don’t think they will), even with all those fourth quarter collapses. Everybody in the division seems to suck this year. The East champion could well have a losing record. Maybe it will be the G-Men. We’ll see how they do against the Fish tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, the Jets are in strong contention for a wild card… but they need to beat the Cowboys on Saturday, since the last two games (against the Pats and Bills) will be tough.

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