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The Rumble, Resolved

December 23, 2015 at 5:19 pm
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Well, the controversy about the Odell Beckham/ Josh Norman tangle on Sunday has been resolved… for now.

ODB received a one-game suspension from the NFL. He appealed the suspension, as was his right under collective bargaining. The appeal was heard today, and denied, so the suspension will stand, and Beckham will not play next weekend when the Giants meet the Vikings. He will also lose a game check, which will cost him something like $60,000.

Subsequent to the ruling, Beckham issued a very classy apology:

Meanwhile, the NFL has also taken steps to fine CB Josh Norman of the Panthers some $26,000 for his own actions in the game. I would have preferred to see Norman suspended as well, since he was the instigator… but ODB did go further, and $26 grand is not nothing, so a rough sort of justice was done. Unlike Beckham, there have been no apologies forthcoming from Norman, just more trash talk. Now he is getting into it with Roddy White, a receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. One has to wonder whether Norman has learned anything. Sunday will show us.

The NFL has also forbidden teams to carry baseball bats and other ‘foreign objects’ onto the field during the pregame and post-game, which is probably a good idea. It would be nice if they also passed some rules to treat homophobic slurs the same way they do racist slurs, but so far that hasn’t happened.

I expect Odell will learn from this, and come back next year bigger and better than ever.

This year? Not much hope there. The Giants are done.