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Aussiecon IV

August 19, 2010

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The Australia trip is rushing toward us like a freight train. So much to do, so little time.

Just got my schedule from Aussiecon IV. This is still subject to change… but barring that, here’s what I’ll be doing at worldcon.

3:00 pm A GAME OF THRONES on television – the HBO series
(I do not want to disappoint anyone, so please note, this
will just be me talking and answering questions, I do NOT
repeat NOT have any footage, trailers, teasers, or even
slides to show).

11:00 am reading from A DANCE WITH DRAGONS

12 noon signing

1:00 pm interviewing Melinda M. Snodgrass about her career in books and TV


12 noon panel: Jack Vance and the Dying Earth

1:00 pm kaffeeklatsche (advance signup required)


2:00 pm panel: Zombie v. Vampire Smackdown

This just covers the official programming during the days. The real heart of any worldcon are the parties at night, so those of you attending your first con will want to keep that in mind, and plan on hanging around until the wee hours.

I expect that the Brotherhood Without Banners will have a party, but don’t know the details. Anyone here from the BWB who can enlighten us?

Australian worldcons have always been terrific. See you in Melbourne!

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