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Come to Worldcon

August 29, 2010 at 5:55 pm
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Having fun in Melbourne.

Aussiecon IV starts on Thursday, officially, but people are already arriving. We’re here, obviously. So is GOH Kim Stanley Robinson, Greg Benford, others. More arriving every day.

If you’re a fan of SF or fantasy — not just my stuff, any SF or fantasy — and live in Australia, you owe it to yourself to get your ass to worldcon. This is THE event on the fannish calendar, the granddaddy of all other cons. The last time it was in Australia was 1999. It may be another ten years before it returns again. It may never return again. So let’s not hear mutters about other commitments and similar feeble excuses. Just do it.

Yes, I will be doing a signing in Sydney. But a signing is a poor substitute for a con. At a signing you’ll stand in line for hours to get maybe thirty seconds with me… or whatever writer you’re queuing up for. AT a con you can spend a whole weekend with your favorite writers and fellow fans. There are parties, drinking, panels, drinking, readings, drinking, quests, drinking, flirtations, the dealers room, the art show, drinking… and yes, signings too.

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