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Two Out of Three

July 16, 2010

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Hiya, kids, hiya, hiya.

Okay, you’ve managed to puzzle out two of the three castings I hinted at yesterday. Congratulations to whoever was first to come up with the right answer.

“The first never says a word in the books.” No, not Ilyn Payne. (I told you he hadn’t been cast yet). It’s Lord Jon Arryn. Who is dead before the books begin. We do hear others quoting things he said, but never from Lord Arryn himself. But in the series, he will appear on screen in a flashback scene.

“The first flew by night to find the truth.” In my Hugo-losing novella “Nightflyers,” the scientist Karoly d’Branin leads an expedition to find the truth behind the legendary volcryn, voagers through interstellar space. In the 1987 film NIGHTFLYERS his name his changed to Michael d’Branin, and he is portrayed by the fine British actor JOHN STANDING.

Sir John Standing is a distinguished veteran of stage and screen, and the descendant of a great British acting family. We’re incredibly honored to have him as Jon Arryn. And hey, maybe he’s even forgiven me for NIGHTFLYERS.

“The third birthed a monkey, a pimple, and a loon.”

Yes, it’s Ser Alliser Thorne, master-at-arms at Castle Black, who fastens those nicknames on three of the young recruits that he is training.

“The third was a supervillain, and once ambled amongst oak trees and hollies, where he might have come across a golden rose.”

Playing the part of Ser Alliser we have DEREK HALLIGAN, who played the supervillain Dr. Nightshade in TONIGHT WE FLY, and also appeared in the British soap opera HOLLYOAKS, where he might have encountered Finn Jones, our Knight of Flowers (the golden rose). His reading was lights out. I sure wouldn’t want him chewing my ass in medieval boot camp.

As for the second lord… the one where the clue is really really obscure… you bunch o’ jugheads haven’t come close to that one yet, heh heh.

Meanwhile… lots more casting announcements coming soon. Ser Vardis, Pyp, Grenn, Maester Aemon, Bronn, Lady Lysa, Sweetrobin, Yoren, Old Nan, Septa Mordane, and more… and maybe even a big one that you have all been eager for. But you’ll read those elsewhere first, most like… though I will echo when I can. Some terrific actors coming your way.

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