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The Casting Carnivale…

July 12, 2010

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… continued whirling madly while I was off in San Diego, offline and out of touch.

Names have been leaking out all over the place, I discovered last night on my return. (Some are a little premature, since no deal is yet in place). In this age of Twitter and Facebook and social gaming, the days of managing and controlling the flow of information may be behind us. I could give you hints about new cast members… but what’s the point, when their names and vitae are already up on half a dozen other sites and blogs?

So only one hint for today. Expect big news about a small digit, very very soon. But not here. Look for that somewhere else.

Meanwhile, I’ll confirm a few of the actors whose names have already leaked, for the six of you who maybe haven’t heard yet.

Back soon.

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