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See You In Fargo

October 14, 2009

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I am off tomorrow to Fargo, North Dakota for Valleycon. I hope to see some of you there. I gather there may be some BWBers on hand, Jim Ludwig of Dark Sword Miniatures will be turning up with some of his fabulous Ice & Fire range, and I’ll be reading a chapter from A DANCE WITH DRAGONS. Plus there will be the usual drinking and carousing and fine dining, one hopes.

I will, alas, miss this weekend’s football games, so don’t expect any NFL posts on Sunday night or Monday morning. And please don’t post yourself about the games. My faithful friend TiVo will be recording the games for me, and I want to watch them unspoiled when I return on Monday night.

After Fargo, I have two days at home, and then I’m off again on a much longer trip, to visit the set of the HBO pilot shoot, and do those signings in Belfast and Dublin. Oh, and it looks like a third event is in the works, for London. I will let you know the details when they are set.

After England, Morocco. That should be fun. Never been there, and though I am pretty well travelled for a kid from Bayonne, Marrakech sounds considerably more exotic than any place that I have ever been before.

Things will probably get pretty quiet here while I’m away. I don’t travel with a laptop, so I expect I won’t be posting much… though I may pop in once in a while from a hotel business center, when I stumble on one.

And yes, TiVo will be getting all those games for me as well. I expect to be immersing myself in a month of Jets and Giants games along about Thanksgiving.

Till then… take care, all. Hang loose, sundry.

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