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October 11, 2009 at 4:21 pm
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That was the most complete Giants victory I have seen in years. Almost total domination in every phase of play. It would have been another shutout except for a Sinorice Moss fumble and a very bad call by the refs a few plays later, when a quick whistle (which no one heard) negated a Giants fumble recovery and touchdown.

I’ll say this for the Raiders, though. They have a very good punter.

The NFL can be merciless. It was only a few years ago the Raiders were playing in the Superbowl, but since then…

JaMarcus Russell is no Rich Gannon. He did manage to complete more than half of his passes today, in between getting sacked and losing fumbles. Gods, what an awful quarterback. And the rumor is that Zombie Al won’t let the coaches bench him.

Eli had a perfect passer rating. Even David Carr looked good. And Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks both played great games. Our young wideouts are really coming along. And the running game looked great today.

Of coursse, the real test will be next week, when the G-Men face the undefeated Saints.

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