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You Win Some, You Lose Some

October 5, 2009 at 2:58 pm
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Another convincing win for the Giants yesterday, though the opponent was the hapless Kansas City Chefs. “Our” Steve Smith looks like the real deal. A few more games like this and he will be “the” Steve Smith, and that guy in Carolina will have to become “the other” Steve Smith. Not so sure about Mario Manningham, who was dropping or bobbling every pass that came his way… but my, wasn’t that touchdown run by Hakeem Nicks a pretty thing.

Eli’s injury is a concern, though. Right now they are saying “bruised heel” and “no big thing.” I hope they are right. If we have to go with Davis Carr for any length of time, the season is over, and I may finally be required to maim and kill Pat St. Denis. (I wish they’d kept the Hefty Lefty, I’d have more faith in him than David “Sack Machine” Carr).

The Scottish Kicker missed another field goal that he should have made. That is worrisome as well. Sooner or later his inconsistency is going to cost us a game. It almost cost us the NFC championship two seasons back in Green Bay. Yes, he made the game winning field goal, but only after he had missed two previous tries. They should have kept John Carney.

As for the Jets game… well, I never thought they would go undefeated. The good news was that Rex Ryan’s defense had another great game, shutting down the high-flying Saints O for most of the contest. The bad news, of course, was Mark Sanchez. I don’t blame him for the last two interceptions, which were desperation heaves in the final minutes of the contest. The first one, though, the pick six, that really hurt, and the fumble in the end zone hurt even more, negating as it did a heroic goal line stand by the defense.

Yes, I know, only a rookie, yadda yadda, growing pains, yadda yadda, he’ll learn from this, yadda yadda.

So they lost, but to a strong team. The Saints are for real. Should be fun to see them take on the Giants in two weeks time.

Next week the Raiders come visit the Giants in the Meadowlands, led by my JaMarcus “I Complete More Than a Quarter of My Passes”) Russell. The Jets are on the road for a Monday night game in Miami, where the QB doesn’t have much more experience than Sanchez. Jets / Dolphins games are always exciting.

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