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Pity Poor Missouri

October 6, 2009

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ConQuest (in Kansas City) and Archon (in St. Louis) are two of my favorite regional conventions. I’ve been attending both, off and on, for decades. I have lots of good friends in Missouri. Some of them are even football fans.

This has not been their year, to say the least. The Chiefs and the Rams are both 0-4, and the prospects of either one getting better soon is not high. And now, to drip some acid into the wounds, ESPN reports that right-wing gasbag Rush Limbaugh is attempting to buy the Rams.

Oh, dear.

If this goes through — and I certainly hope that it does not — I wonder how all the black players on the Rams will feel about playing for such an outspoken racist? Or perhaps Rush will attempt to emulate George Preston Marshall, former owner of the Redskins, who kept his team all white when the rest of the league had integrated.

Oh, and here’s some sportswriters from all across the country weighing in on the prospects of Rush as an NFL owner:

Nice to see some people speaking out.

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