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October Already

October 1, 2009

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The months never used to go by this fast.

Or the years. Gak. One more birthday and I’ll be eligible for Social Security. That’s bloody terrifying. It seems like only last week I was doing “new writer” panels at cons, scanning reviews to see if I was being mentioned as of the Young Turks of SF, and chasing after Parris (see avatar).

This should be a good month, though. The HBO pilot will start filming in just three more weeks or thereabouts. This time next month I will be in Belfast, visiting the shoot. And maybe seeing some scenery like this:

(That’s actually one of my favorites of Michael Komarck’s calendar art, fwiw. I had hoped by this time to be able to announce the publisher and artist for the 2011 calendar, but we’re still waiting on the contracts. Soon, I hope).

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