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Home Again

March 2, 2015 at 12:20 pm
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Back from Texas. I had a marvelous time at Texas A&M, presenting them with the five millionth volume for their library, a first edition of THE HOBBIT, and at the Nacogdoches Film Festival, where I got to see my old friends Howard Waldrop, Michael Cassutt, and Joe R. Lansdale, and make a whole bunch of new friends besides. Did some business too, discussing a very cool new project I am working on with H’ard, Mike, and Joe R. More on that later.

But not I am home again, facing the usual mountain of mail and email, and of course the monkeys on my back… those noisiest of them being HIGH STAKES, volume twenty-three in the Wild Cards series, and of course the Son of Kong, THE WINDS OF WINTER.

Once more into the breach…

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