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October 26, 2011

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Just returned from a quick two-day trip to Dallas, where I flew in to address a national conference of managers from the Hastings bookstore chain. Great fun. The Hastings folks were wonderful hosts, and have done a terrific job of selling my books. A whole bunch of them told me that the midnight launches of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS back in July were a huge success.

No public appearances were on my calendar this trip, but since I don’t get to Texas very often these days, I did make sure I did some stock signings for my neglected Dallas readers. So if you’re looking for a copy defaced with my illegible scrawl, you will find some at the Barnes & Noble stores at Preston Royal, Lincoln Park,and Los Colinas… for as long as the supply lasts.

I did not, alas, make it to the B&N in Denton, where back in 1996 I had my traumatic encounter with Clifford, the Big Red Dog.

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