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October 23, 2011

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Now THOSE were the Jets I’ve been looking for all season.

Good solid win over a strong San Diego team today. The Chargers won the first half and enjoyed a halftime lead, but in the second half the Jets D stepped up, shut down the San Diego offense, and intercepted Philip Rivers twice in the 4th quarter to seal the win. (And what the hell was Rivers thinking with the fourth down throw with eleven second left? Game’s over if he throws it out of bounds. So he throws it out of bounds. Hokay. Rivers has a great arm, but sometimes you have to wonder about his head).

Another great game by Darrell Revis, and the Jets O finally got in gear as well. Plax! Plax!! Plax!!!

The Jets finally got their running game going, but I’ve got to worry about their RBs going forward. Shonn Greene had his best game of the season, but then got hurt, though he did return to the action. Tomlinson did not. After starting against his former team, he finished on the bench. If we’re down to Joe McKnight the rest of the way, well… McKnight has flashed some moves this year on kickoffs and punts, but I’m not sold on him as an every down back.

WAY too many penalties in this game. By both teams. And some of those flags were very dubious. (On both teams). I much prefer officiating crews like the one in last week’s Jets game, refs who will let the players play. This week’s crew seemed intent on stopping the action on the slightest pretext. Yeah, I know, some crews are hardline, some are loose, but this was ridiculous.

As for this week’s other NFL action… I canNOT believe the Dolphins blew a 15-0 fourth quarter lead to Tebow and Broncos. Maybe they really are sucking for Luck. How the hell could they let that one get away? Awful, just awful.

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