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June 20, 2011 at 11:40 pm
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The morning after. Still recovering from last night’s signing at Posnan, which was massive. The line went up the stairs and out the door, and at times I thought it would never end. The last folks in the queue must have waited three and a half hours. Sorry if I seemed half dead by the time you reached me. It was mostly because I WAS half dead.

If you missed the signing, well, I signed a few boxes of hardcovers for the Zysk bookstore just off the Old Market Square, so you still may be able to snag one if you get there soon.

Things are better on the tech front. Email working again, thank god. Cell phone too… at least till I burned up all the minutes, which seemed to take all of half of a call. But I feel back in the world again.

In a few hours we will be hitting the road for a return to Warsaw. No more public events there, just a dinner with my agents. Then it’s off to Slovenia.

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