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June 18, 2011 at 11:01 pm
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The convention has been a great time. Though on Friday night Ty and I both drank way too muich vodka, which made our visit to Marbork castle yesterday more of an ordeal than it was meant to be. The castle was very impressive, though I don’t think Ty is going to remember any of it.

Today we take off for Poznan and the next stage of our Polish visit.

Something seems amiss with my computer at home. When I hook up to it, via the internet, it tells me that I haven’t received any emails in three days, which I find extremely unlikely. SO if you have been trying to email me recently, I haven’t gotten more message. Maybe Ty will be able to get it going later today.

Till then, this Live Journal seems my only contact with the outside world. (We did buy a Polish sim for our cellphone, but haven’t been able to get that working either).

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