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December 22, 2008

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The wildlings have arrived, and just in time for Yule.

Dark Sword Miniatures has rolled out three new miniatures, wildling captains set to lead your raiding parties. All of these are available at the Dark Sword Online store.

Here’s the “green” for Rattleshirt, aka the Lord o’ Bones:

Here’s a nicely painted version of Alfyn Crowkiller. Alas, poor Alfyn, he was killed off-stage before he could actually appear in the books, but while he was alive he kicked ass.

And last, but definitely NOT least, a gorgeous version of Mance Rayder, sometime bard, and King Beyond the Wall.

Dark Sword has some other nice figures on offer as well, including a lovely Tom Meier “sorceress” who could easily be added to your Westerosi miniature court, and a new Jeff Grace female archer from the Elmore range who might work as well, with more clothes. Check them all out at

Oh, and speaking of Tom Meier… I’ve gotten a few emails wondering when we’ll be adding some direwolves to the Dark Sword range. That’s in the works, I promise it is… but if you’d rather not wait, and really want a Ghost to put beside your own Jon Snow, well, Tom Meier has recently issued two terrific new wolves as part of his own Thunderbolt Mountain range.

Tom was kind enough to send me some of each, and I can promise, these are very cool sculpts, and ought to make great direwolves. I’m having some painted up for my own collection right now. They’re available from Thunderbolt Mountain at

Comments on the miniatures are welcome here. Comments on other stuff, not so much.

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