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The Horror, The Horror

December 14, 2008 at 11:00 pm
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Well, if you like defense, you had to like the Giants / Cowboys game. Two great defenses slugging it out, and throttling the offenses. Unfortunately the ending sucked.

Losing to the Cowboys is always painful.

The Giants look like a ghost of themselves without Plaxico Burress and Brandon Jacobs. It’s becoming clear that the foundation of Earth, Wind, and Fire is Earth. I do wish Coughlin had gone to Fire in the third quarter, when it became clear that Wind wasn’t getting it done.

The other Giants receivers need to step up with Plax gone, but so far they haven’t. Eli got no help at all tonight, either from his receiving corps or his offensive line.

Sigh. And next Sunday, the Panthers come to down.

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Charge Up the Paddles, the Jets Are Playing

December 14, 2008 at 3:44 pm
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Why must the Jets stop my heart beating every time they play a game?

Their season almost ended today with a horrendous loss to the Buffalo Bills. Then the football gods and Buffalo coach Dick Jauron give us an early Christmas present. Only seconds from the two minute warning, the Bills had the lead and the ball on a second-and-five. All they had to do was run out the clock and make the Jets burn their timeouts, and the game was over. The Jets had been unable to stop Bills RB Marshawn Lynch all day. So what does Buffalo do? They call a rollout play-action pass. Then comes a sack and a fumble, Jets recover, Sean Ellis runs it in for a TD and a miraculous victory. I am tempted to say the Jets snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, but really, it was the Bills who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Bad play by Losman, worse call by the Bills coaches.

It was the second huge freak play that turned the game. Back in the first quarter, the Jets were dominating. Up 14-3 and driving past midfield for a third score. Then a Favre pass bounces off the hands of Coles, off a Bills defender, off Coles’ foot, and into the hands of a second Bills defender. And suddenly all the momentum shifts. Very shortly thereafter, the Bills score and are right back in the game. It’s amazing how fast a football game can shift, but that’s why I love the sport.

I still don’t feel good about the Jets’ chances. They won, but they did not play well, and that season ending game against Miami looms large on the schedule. The whole situation smells as if it’s set up for a Hollywood ending, called “Chad’s Revenge.” And right now Pennington and the Fish are playing much better football than Brett and the Jets.

The Giants came is tonight. Let’s see how they do against the quarrelin’ Cowboys.

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