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It’s Good to Have Two Teams

December 21, 2008 at 11:46 pm
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The Jets game… sigh… what can I say?

Aside from “same old Jets.”

Brett Favre looked his age this afternoon. Every long ball was underthrown, except the last one that Coles bobbled, and the short passes had no zip.

Hey, Dolphins, can we please have Chad back?

That was a painful few hours. It’s a familiar pain. I have been a Jets fan for a long time, and by now you’d think I’d know that they just play well in the early season to get your hopes up, so that the inevitable collapse will be that much more painful when it comes.

The Giants – Panthers game restored my faith in life and the NFL. What a great game. Hard-fought from beginning to end, seesawing back and forth, full of great plays on both sides. Especially on offense. The defenses got slugged around a little. I am concerned that our D did not sack Jake Delhomme once. Our pass rush seems to come and go these days, and with the playoffs near that worries me. But Brandon Jacobs returned in a big way, Derrick Ward was amazing, and the O-line were opening holes I could have run through. Let’s hope it’s THIS version of the G-men who show up for the playoffs, not the guys we’ve seen the past two weeks. Anyway, we’ve got the bye and home field throughout… let the wild rumpus begin!

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