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December 7, 2008

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I’ve been getting a lot of emails since the announcement that HBO has given the green light to film the pilot of A GAME OF THRONES. (Well, I get a lot of emails anyway, but I’ve been getting a lot MORE since the announcement).

To all those who wrote with congratulations and good wishes… thanks. I have high hopes for the pilot as well. I think we’re in good hands with David Benioff, Dan Weiss, HBO, and the BBC all involved, but of course nothing is certain.

Many of you have been sending casting suggestions. Thanks for that as well… but you’re sending them to the wrong place. Yes, I will have a voice, but ultimately these decisions will be made by Dan and Dave, the director (still to be named), HBO, the BBC, and our eventual casting director.

If you’d like to throw out some ideas for actors you’d like to see in the show, the place to do that is on the Westeros board, where Elio and Linda have established a new forum for the show. Dave and Dan are checking in there regularly, so they will see your suggestions. They welcome fan input, and the folks at Westeros have already come up with lots of good possibilities. Anyway, the address is:

In addition to Westeros, there’s also a brand-new fan blog called Winter Is Coming that has been started up as “yoursource for news, speculation and discussion on HBO’s planned A Song of Ice and Fire television series.” No, it’s not an “official” site — should we make it to series, there will likely be one of those on the HBO website — but it looks like another lively place for discussion. You can find that one at:

Have fun, and keep thinking those good thoughts.

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