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Jets Crash

October 22, 2018

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Life is meaningless…

At least for Jets fans.   Just when the team had won a couple in a row and looked as if it has turned a corner, reality set in with a painful loss to the Vikings.   The Jets hung in there for a long time and looked as if they actually had a chance, only to collapse in the second half.   The defense played hard throughout, despite the absence of three starters in the secondary.  By the end of the game, however, they were plainly exhausted from having been on the field so much.

The offense, however, was inept from start to finish.  Our kid quarterback, Sam Darnold, threw three interceptions, which will kill you every time.   He was turnover prone in college as well; that was the biggest black mark against him in the draft.  Unless he can get that under control and stop throwing the ball to the other team, all the talk about him being the next Joe Namath may be way premature (though, to be fair, Broadway Joe threw quite a few INTs himself).  He may not even be the next Chad Pennington (I still miss Chad, who is way underrated).  The offensive playcalling was pretty questionable as well.   Way too conservative.

And next week, the Bears await.

Meanwhile, I have the Giants game to “look forward to” tonight.   Hoo boy.   The G-Men look terrible.

This looks as if it is going to be another long, painful year.

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  • Derek Gray says:

    Used to be a fan of the Jets and the Giants back when I played in high school (Mark Gastineau and the LT), but switched to the Packers in the early 90s when I realized they were owned by the County. Still have a soft spot for both the teams but, poor Eli always looks so befuddled these days.

  • Chris says:

    Sorry, but I’m hoping Da’ Bears turn things around one week earlier than the J.E.T.S . Sorry, after this week you can have all the redemption you want.

  • Mickey Thompson says:

    The Jets need help on offense. The kid doesn’t have anyone to throw to and Powell is hurt. He’s going to need a year to learn the NFL and another year to master his craft. As long as the D remains somewhat consistent and they add a few weapons on offense, they should be ready by the time Brady retires or can’t play anymore. Think 3 years realistically.

  • Erik Nielsen says:

    I’d say Sam Darnold is the still the best rookie QB in the league, wish the Dolphins had him.

  • Billy Neal says:

    My Colts finally got back in the win column against the Bills. Granted this was their quarterbacks first game since 2016, but I’ll take it! I had hit rock bottom last week as a fan when we lost to your Jets. Hang in there I think Darnold will be great in the long run.

  • AJ says:

    Hi George! Do you like soccer?

  • Tim Sloper says:

    George, as a 49ers fan I can empathize with your situation. They too were dominated by the Vikings and had their new QB (Jimmy G) throw several interceptions in that game. What I wouldn’t give to have him back playing with us though. The CJ Beathard show has been a comedy of errors to put it lightly. Look on the bright side… at least the Jets still have their starter playing and healthy! As for the 49ers, let the tanking for Bosa begin.

  • Alexis Wilson says:

    Meanwhile, my team Arsenal are thumping Leicester 3-1 at home (comments about European football are allowed as well right?)

  • Jake K says:

    George, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

    At least you’re not a Bills fan.

    That Colts game, the most winnable on our schedule, turned into an absolute abomination. I’ll say this for the Bills: they are great inducers of literacy. Every year this kind of crap the bed game happens and every year I mute the game and read a book. This year it was “The Hike” by Drew Magary, which I read most of in the allotted football time. I think for our upcoming Monday night game against the Patriots (ugh) I’ll read Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth. After that, I ‘m very open to book suggestions. ANYTHING to get me through this morass while we ramble our way to a fifth overall draft pick…

  • Jon W says:

    Sure, Sam threw 3 picks, but I’d place the blame on the receivers for at least 2 of them. Need to give the kid some weapons to help him out!

    Regardless, there’s no need to fret, George. This year is just the appetizer. Stay tuned for the main course in 2019 and beyond.

  • Ben says:

    What are the chances the Giants finish the season with a single original offensive lineman from week 1?

  • Thomas J. Thomas says:

    Giants v. Falcons in the Save Our Season Bowl.

    It says a lot about both teams that this early in the season they both are in a must win or see play off hopes go the way of Gondolin (sorry reading JRRT lately). But I suppose in this near parity season anything remains possible. Good thing I also have the Rams to root for – as the back up plan. My guess is Giants will run wild but Falcons will pass wild – with some turnover or special teams play deciding winner.

  • Don Perrien says:

    As a Falcons’ fan, trust me — I share your sense of dread about tonight’s game. If we win, we’re still 3-4 and have bad tiebreakers in the NFC playoff picture. If we lose, we’re 2-5 and can effectively start planning for next season. I’m not sure which is better as a fan. I don’t want to lose, and in turn, give up on this season … but a win would only seem to continue the purgatory for at least another two weeks.

  • Stephen E Richter says:

    Okay, it is tuff for Swinging Sammy when you have the kid from Kansas City blowing it up. But Sammy will get better. I mean Brett Farve better, but there will be growing pains. If the Jets win against those who they are suppose to beat, that should be an encouragement. Here in LA Rams territory our All star quarterback looked like a major draft mistake two years ago. Biggest surprise to me this year is how bad the Patriots looked in the beginning and seems to turn it around, like a vampire who refuses to take a stake to the heart seriously.

  • James says:

    Meanwhile in Foxboro…

    George I love that you love football, even if it is the Jets. I used to love the Giants but the worst thing in the world is having your two favorite teams in the Superbowl against each other! I know you hate the Pats but if they weren’t as good as they are you would not enjoy the times the Jets/Giants beat them as much.

    I only hope that this season injuries are rare- for EVERYONE- and the games are close!


  • Ibbison says:

    The Jets should be able to beat Chicago. (Hope they can; the Packers need all the help they can get.) They just need to keep Trubisky in the pocket and make him throw. He’s not that great of a passer. His six TDs against Tampa came because he was throwing to wide open receivers that Nagy schemed open. Trubisky isn’t the threat; Nagy is. And Mack has a bum ankle. Of course, you have to watch out for Hicks.

  • Brad Bellomo says:

    As a Browns fan, I feel your pain. Not sure if it is better having 2 teams to watch lose or not, but hopefully your rebuild takes less than 20 years.

  • Janice G says:

    I can relate – as usual, the Dolphins teased us with a great opening few games and then collapsed against the Detroit Lions *sigh*

  • Trevor Senecal says:

    On the bright side, at least you’re not a Cardinals fan :’(

  • Robert says:

    Things were strange in the NFL this week. Justin Tucker missed his first ever extra point to lose the game. The Browns had their 5th overtime game and lost as usual. My Pittsburgh Steelers did not even play this week and moved from 3rd to first in the AFC North.
    So have faith, George. Stranger things have happened, so maybe the Giants will crush it tonight.

  • Nathaniel Mesekale says:

    At least it’s not as infuriating as how the Ravens lost. Justin Tucker, one of the best field goal kickers in the NFL, missed his first FGA at the last minute. My brother and I are still in agony…

  • Mike T says:

    As a giants fan, yes, we look terrible. Eli gave us some great years but it may be time to dismantle and rebuild the entire team. Trade Beckham for a few draft picks and build a team around Barkley.

    There’s always next year!

  • BoomKrasHHH says:

    G-Men are a write off and should have traded Eli 2 seasons ago when they could have got something for him.
    Pat Shurmur is increasingly looking out of his depth and Odell is increasingly erratic if that was possible. Saquon is a bright spot though.
    Giants need a new QB asap and should start building draft capital to land the best available next draft.
    Jets aren’t in too bad a spot and just need a better QB whispering coach. Get rid of Bowles.

    • grrm says:

      Odell looked sensational last night against the Falcons.

      But the new, improved offensive line looks just as bad as last year’s old, terrible offensive line.

      • Thomas J. Thomas says:

        Well it was against beat up Falcon secondary (Odell did seem to drop a two point conversion – made coach’s aggressive play call look bad). You did draft a back that knows how to run from opposing jerseys and so can create on his own. He also blasted right through Falcons for final 2 point conversion (good thing for Falcons Giants went with 2 Eli sneaks to eat up the clock).

        Why of all people did the Football Gods make Tom Brady immortal and give poor good guy Eli clay feet. I guess to make us strong…

  • Khoury says:

    This Browns fan feels your pain after nearly 2 decades of futility. And this year is trending back downward after so many promising games. So we’ll likely see you near the top of the draft next year, hopefully with a new head coach on our team.

  • Louis says:

    Sometimes, sometimes…, there’s sóme sparkle in the Jets.
    But the Giants… They just look awful. And not like a team.
    I’m Dutch and apart from soccer since a couple of years into football as well. I like the Seahawks and though they won’t come close to the Rams this year, I see something building there. And Wilson will be our starter for years.
    We just need a second Legion of Boom. Easy, right? 😉

  • Matty Devine says:

    Dying with The Jets once more.

  • David J says:

    Bengals fans are typically in for long seasons, too. And very short postseasons. Their hated rival has repeatedly beaten their brains in on an uncommon and extraordinarily consistent measure over the previous 13 years. I’m not sure the somewhat consistent regular season success is worth the even more consistent first round exit in the playoffs. Oh, and the dreadful prime time record, too.

  • Lefty says:

    I was an Oilers FANATIC, then they left. Moved to San Diego and started to rekindle the love. Then they left too. At least you can still feel pain, I’m just dead inside.

    • Jess says:

      Damn Lefty,

      I’m so sorry for your run of luck there. I miss the Oilers in my state. I can’t think of them without think of Bum.

  • Ricardio says:

    Hello Mr. Martin. The Redskins get to face the Giants this week. As weird (and enjoyable) as it is seeing Eli regress and the Giants struggle, they still might find a way to beat the Redskins as I’m not convinced they’re for real yet. I’ll get super hyped up for a Redskins game but then they play down to their competition and have been known to be flukey and inconsistent. Hopefully they show up this week and it’s a good game. It’ll probably be close as most NFC East games are insanely competitive. It’s also still early in the season, so a close win over a bitter rival could totally turn around the Giants’ season. Best regards.

    P.S. At least your coach didn’t use a Swinging Gate trick play that failed miserably on national television. Redskins vs Giants on Monday Night Football 2010. One of the worst plays in recent NFL history.

  • Matt D says:

    Sorry George, but as a Vikings fan this game was a sigh of relief for me. They have poured so much capital into a super bowl run this year, and after a shaky 1-2-1 start, it was looking like it might be all for nothing. Now with three straight wins, I am keeping the hope to fulfill my lifelong goal of seeing a Vikings super bowl win!

  • Hello, George. I’m curious to know if your enthusiasm for football inspires any of your mass battle scenes. Are the thrills and energies the same, or are real world sports just a fun escape from writing? Either way, I hope you are doing well. Thank you.

  • Jess says:

    I can only imagine how you feel now George that the Giants are starting to trade away players. Apple I understand, but Snacks Harrison? That I didn’t see coming.

  • mzso says:

    Football? I thought this post was about the American handegg thing.

  • Luke Bauer says:

    Chin up man! I’ve been a cardinals fan for years and our only success has come from a defensive genius in the form of one Todd Bowles. He will turn things around. Of that I have no doubt

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