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October 24, 2018

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We’re proud to announce a brand new story from the Wild Cards World, written by Max Gladstone entitled “Fitting In” and featuring the antics of Rubberband.

Here’s a link to the full text at with art provided by the ever impressive John Picacio

Fitting In




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  • Brian McGlynn says:

    Hi George! Name is Brian McGlynn. I know you don’t want to be bothered with ice and fire questions, but eh. When I imagine the Rhoyne I like to imagine the Mississippi and huckleberry Finn floating down. Only them not making it past the bridge. If only. Is this a fair comparison? The Mississippi? I have never seen it, but the imagination runs wild. This leads me to my real question, I guess. I cross the Hudson over the Rip Van Winkle bridge almost every day. When Arya and the Hound take the ferry would you say that is comparable? I actually feel stunted with my imagination here because I feel like I see the Trident way too small. Perhaps at that crossing it isn’t as large as my crossing though? The Hudson at the Rip is most likely around 4,500’ in width since the bridge is 5k. During hurricane Irene, the Hudson was so red and violent. I’ve never seen it like that before. One last question.. Tony Romo as an announcer.. poison? Not poison? *wink*. If you saw the Redskin game, he was subtle, but basically he said the coaching staff is lost for the Cowboys. Maybe that is what I wanted to hear. Apologies if you see this and feel like I wasted you’re life, but thank you for making mine more pleasant!

    • grrm says:

      In my mind the Rhoyne is wider than the Mississippi. Fantasy should be grounded in reality, but can be bigger, wilder, more colorful. That’s part of the fun. Take the real world and turn it up to eleven… or twenty-nine, sometimes.

      Romo is actually pretty good as a commentator. Certainly much better than Troy Aikman.

      But yes, you are off topic. Go read Max Gladstone’s story!

  • Rick says:

    A great read! Thanks for the tip!

  • K26dp says:

    Read, enjoyed, shared. Thanks!

  • Jon Snow says:

    Didn’t know how to reach out to you so I’m writing my message here.

    Just read the Guardian interview, and wanted you to know that what ever you write I would personally like. You shouldn’t feel any pressures from the show: the show is popular because your books are amazing. You have nothing to prove. The sample chapters are beyond this world. I’m sure your decisions are on point, and the show shouldn’t inform your writing.

    I wish you a speedy TWOW writing 🙂

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