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November 2, 2016

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Just got back from the courthouse, where I cast my vote.

It was a busy, bustling scene. The poll watchers and election personnel told me that early voting is way up compared to 2012, at least in Santa Fe County. That’s encouraging.

After you cast your ballot, they give you one of those little red, white, and blue I VOTED stickers. We want to do our own part in encouraging everyone to get out and vote, so from now until November 9 anyone who turns up at the Jean Cocteau Cinema with one of those stickers will get a FREE POPCORN. No charge for butter, or the topping of your choice. And we do have the best popcorn in town, so…

I have to admit, this election has me very anxious, especially this past week as the polls began to tighten. Every four years someone is sure to say, “This is the most important election of our lifetime,” but this year I think that is absolutely true.

In other words: vote. Do it for America, do it for the world, do it for your children, do it for the popcorn… but DO IT.

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