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Another Win, Another Loss

November 16, 2016 at 12:14 pm
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I was in Arizona at Tuscon this past weekend, so I did not see the Jets game. Good thing, that. From what I heard, it was a truly abysmal performance. The only point of interest is that Bryce Petty started at QB, and did moderately well. I hope he continues to start for the rest of the year. The season is over, might as well see what we’ve got in Petty. Neither Geno nor Fitz is going to be on the team next season, I figure, and we do need a quarterback.

The Giants played Monday night, and won their fourth game in a row, a hard-fought one-point win over the Cincinnati Bengals. I did catch that one. Good game, too. Big Blue’s offense is still not the explosive juggernaut I was hoping for pre-season (Victor Cruz is badly missed, and there’s still no running game), but the defense is looking better every week. This victory belonged to the D. Let’s hope they continue to improve. And come back soon, Victor!

Tuscon was a pleasant, friendly, low-key con, by the way. They took good care of me, and I had fun. Signed a lot of books too.