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A Win is a Win

October 31, 2016

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A win is a win. And any win is better than a loss.

Still… it is hard to get to excited about the Jets’ victory yesterday.

They beat the Cleveland Browns. The hapless, winless Cleveland Browns, who are clearly the worst team in the NFL this season, stumbling ahead toward next year’s number one draft choice.

They barely beat the hapless, winless Cleveland Browns. In fact, they were losing for much of the game. Gang Green came out sleepwalking, and snoozed through the entire first half, allowing the Browns to run up a 20 – 7 lead. The offense was asleep, the defense was asleep, and Fitz was just awful.

They woke up in the second half, hallelujah, and scored 24 unanswered points to take the lead. Then, with the game seemingly in hand, they went back to sleep again in the final two minutes, to let Cleveland score a late TD and a 2-point conversion, so the whole thing came down to an onsides kick. Final score 31-28.

It was ugly and it was sloppy and it was way too close. A win, sure, but not one for a Jets fan to feel very good about. If the Jets are only twelve seconds and three points better than the Browns, it is hard to imagine they are going anywhere this year.

But at least it wasn’t a loss.

(The Giants had a bye)

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