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The Daleks Are Here

January 16, 2015

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Speaking of Doctor Who…

 (Which we were.  At least in passing, in my last post, and some of the comments on it).

… if you have ever wanted to see the Doctor on the big (well, medium-sized) screen, we're opening a Dr. Who movie at the Cocteau tonight.  Yes, there was a Doctor Who movie.  Two of them, in fact.  I am surprised by how many fans don't seem to know that.

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Peter Cushing plays the Doctor.  The Daleks play the Daleks.

(Maybe some hardcore Who-fan can tell me… when the Doctor's fandom talks about the third Doctor and the seventh Doctor and all that, right up to the present, how come Peter Cushing is never included or given a number.  Doesn't he count?  It almost seems as if his turn as the Doctor has been written out of history.  Was that done with time travel?)

LATER:  Okay, thanks for explaining, guys and gals.  I've got it now.

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