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December 29, 2014

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Black Monday is here, and true to expectations, the Jets fired John Idzik and Rex Ryan.

Idzik was a disaster from day one, and set the franchise back years.  He did leave plenty of salary cap room for his successor, which is about the only good thing that can be said for him.  He was bad at drafting and worse at free agency.

Firing Rex was a huge mistake, though.  Gang Green will have a hard time finding anyone even half as good.  All that talk about Jim Harbaugh was as empty as I suspected.  Rex will turn up again as head coach, and soon, and will lead his new team to the playoffs… sooner than the Jets will be returning there, I fear.

So the Jets need a new GM, a new head coach, and… most of all… a quarterback.  It makes no difference who occupies the front office and stands on the sideline so long as Geno Smith and Michael Vick are the choices behind center.  With Rex and his defense, we only needed an adequate quarterback to win; without them, we need someone good enough to go up against Tom Brady twice a year.

The future does not look bright.

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