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Power, Power, POWER!!!!

December 8, 2014 at 5:26 pm
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The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says I am the third most powerful writer in Hollywood:

Mwaaaahahahahaha.  (Rubs hands together)   What shall I do with such awesome power?

Let me banish all reality shows from the air!

And these 'talent' shows too!  Instead of shows where assholes and audiences mack mock of wannabees who cannot sing and dance, let's bring back the variety show and feature really GOOD singers and really GOOD dancers.

Oh, and you movie studios… no more replacing screenwriters at the drop of a hat.  It should as hard to replace the writer as it is to replace the director.  And that "a film by" credit at the beginning of pictures should include the name of BOTH writer and director.  The film is by both of them, not just one.

And every TV series should be required to take X amount of pitches from freelancer writers and beginners.  That used to be mandated by the WGA, and way back when it was how a lot of newcomers got their foot in the door, but these days most shows find ways around it, and breaking in is harder than ever.

Since I am so so powerful, I know all this will come to pass!

(And if it does, I have a bride to sell you).

((BRIDGE! I meant bridge.))

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