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Suvudu Cage Match

March 8, 2011 at 11:14 pm
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Those scalawags and wackaroonies at Suvudu are at it again!

Last year they staged their infamous “Cage Match,” pitting various characters from a wide varity of SF and fantasy books and films against one another in battles to the death, with the ultimate winner decided by the votes of you, the fans and readers. (AFter spirited and sometimes rather acrimonious debate, it must be said). They plucked Ser Jaime Lannister out of Westeros to represent my books, and he did rather well… Assisted by his brother Tyrion, he defeated Hermione Granger, Kvothe, and the Great Cthulhu on the way to the finals, where he ultimately fell to THE WHEEL OF TIME’s Rand al’Thor, despite some help from Haviland Tuf, the Great and Powerful Turtle, Popinjay, and other friends.

Suvudu followed that up with a Villains Cage Match, another death derby. This time Westeros prevailed, when Ser Gregor Clegane, the Mountain That Rides, went all the way, proving himself the most nefarious and brutal badboy of all time and space. But then he got his ass kicked by Rand in the Hero v. Villain showdown.

And now here we are again. This time the Westerosi contestant is JON SNOW.

art by Michael Komarck

In his first match, Jon is facing Takeshi Kovacs .

Here’s the write up:

Vote early and often.

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