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March 23, 2010

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Still not 100%, but I’m up to at least 98%, as the last of the crud fades away.

However, my assistant Ty is now sick. He went home early today. A pity, since he has a lot to celebrate right now — the sale of his first novel (well, half-novel, it was a collaboration. And no, not with me, don’t get all wiggy out there).

Please STOP posting comments to the Health Care topic. I let that one run a good long while, more than four hundred messages and lots of impassionated debate, but I don’t want it to drag on forever. Everything worth saying has been said.

(Though I wonder if anyone was convinced. Sometimes I question whether these discussions do the least bit of good. Everyone seems so entrenched in their positions, so unwilling to listen to the other side. Just once I’d love to read a comment that said, ‘I used to think X, but you’ve convinced me.’ Slim chance, I know).

Being under the weather for a couple weeks there has put me seriously behind on everything, I’m afraid. I’m now struggling to get back into it. In addition to the on-going work on DANCE, I am also trying to wrap up FORT FREAK, volume twenty-one in the Wild Cards series, and will soon need to gear up to write my season one script for HBO. I’m been over a decade since I last did a teleplay, I realized suddenly. I hope I still remember how.

Yes, the part of Catelyn on HBO’s GAME OF THRONES has been recast. The new actress is Michelle Fairley, a talented and acclaimed veteran of the British and Irish stage and television. That’s being discussed in several places on the web, most notably Westeros and Winter Is Coming, so take your comments, questions, and thoughts there, if you’d be so good.

There’s more news, both bad and good, on several different fronts, none of which I am at liberty to talk about just now. Soon, maybe.

On Suvudu, Jaime is about to face a dragon. Hoo boy.

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