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Creeping Crud

March 15, 2010

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Been fighting the crud for the past week. Nothing major, just annoying. Started as a slight sore throat which crept down into my chest and now has me hacking up phlegm. The sore throat is gone now and I keep expecting the rest to be gone any day now, but the damn thing is lingering. Pisses me off. It is slowing me down at the time when I desperately need not to be slowed down. I’m running at maybe 75%, my sleep cycle is screwed to hell, and I am tiring much too easily.

Well, never mind. *cough cough*

Aside from that, life is good.

The Jets seem to have acquired LaDamian Tomlinson. Good for them, I guess. I still refuse to call him LT. There’s only one LT and his name is Lawrence Taylor. Tomlinson can be LD. I hope he can still run. Replacing Thomas Jones won’t be easy.

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