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Reno in 2011

February 7, 2009

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The news is all over the fannish grapevine — Seattle has withdrawn its bid to host the World Science Fiction Convention in 2011. Evidently they lost their facilities.

Reno was their only announced competition for the Seattle bid. Since the filing deadline has passed, and only Seattle and Reno had filed, it looks as though we’ll be going to Reno in 2011.

Works for me. I have never been to Reno, but they have a very experienced veteran committee, and facilities superior to those Seattle was offering, so it should be a good con. (Knock wood. One really never knows about these things).

I am less sanguine about this year’s Montreal worldcon. With their hotels scattered halfway to hell and gone, Montreal will be even more spread out than last year’s Denver con.
Wear comfortable shoes.

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