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Time Is Running Out

February 25, 2009 at 11:29 am
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Time is running out to nominate for this year’s Hugo Awards. Nominations close on February 28, remember. Members of Denvention III (last year’s worldcon) and/ or Anticipation (this year’s Montreal worldcon) can nominate on line at:

If you’re not a member of either worldcon, you can’t nominate. However, it is easy enough to sign up for Anticipation, as either an attending or supporting member. Just go to:

Nominate now… or you can’t complain when the shortlist is announced and your own favorites aren’t on it.

(For MY favorites and recommendations, see the series of posts I made last week).

Time is also running out for my sale on signed copies of WINDHAVEN. If you would like to snag a WINDHAVEN hardcover for $18, book rate shipping included, act now. On March 1, the price goes up to $26.

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