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Reaching Out

January 18, 2023 at 3:17 pm
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You’ve all read about GRRM’s Jean Cocteau Cinema and Beastly Books here before. Now, with other ventures on the horizon, we’ve unified the realm under the moniker Highgarden Entertainment.  To keep you up to date with current events, programming and exclusive content please consider subscribing to Highgarden Entertainment’s patreon at

When you become a patron you’ll get exclusive content from  Beastly Books, the Jean Cocteau Cinema and GRRM! You’ll also get discounts, merch and an inside look through “Highgarden Entertainment: Inside the World of George RR Martin” with exclusive video and photo content. This is a great chance for anyone interested in the other aspects of George’s  life that include the bookstore Beastly Books and movie theater Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Subscribe now and you can see the full video showcasing the original table top games that inspired Wild Cards!


Words For Our Times

January 17, 2023 at 8:04 am
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Wild Cards Update

January 15, 2023 at 9:05 am
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An apology to all the aces and jokers out there, my Wild Cards fans and readers.   There’s been lots going on with Wild Cards, but I have been so busy with Westeros and the railroad and many many other things that I haven’t found time to blog about it.

Better late than never, though, so…

We have had some fun  new original Wild Card short stories up on

Here’s “Grow,” by Carrie Vaughn.


And here’s “Hearts of Stone,” from Emma Newman.

Hearts of Stone

Jason Powell had a couple of thought provoking Wild Cards essays up at well.


Ten Satisfying Long-Term Payoffs in George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards Series

Comprehensive Network Coverage: A Look at the Wild Card Universe’s Predatory Alien Coalition

That’s not all, though.

On the literary front, the Wild Cards gang is hard at work on three new originals:  PAIRING UP, SLEEPER STRADDLES, and HOUSE RULES.

Meanwhile, work continues apace on the Wild Cards Tv series we are developing for Peacock.   The pilot will be based mostly on FORT FREAK.   Haven’t read that one?  No problem, signed copies are available from Beastly Books in Santa Fe, and unsigned copies from your favorite on-line bookseller.

Jetboy forever!



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House of the Dragon coming in HOT!

January 13, 2023 at 7:14 am
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SO it appears HOUSE OF THE DRAGON has also won three Golden Tomatoes!

And a huge THANK YOU to all the fans who voted and all those who helped make our show so dang GOOD.

Best New Show

Best SF/ Fantasy

Best TV Overall




A Globe! A Globe!!

January 11, 2023 at 2:53 pm
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Here’s a post I did not expect to be writing.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON won the Golden Globe last night, as the Best Drama of 2022!

It was, of course, an honor just to be nominated, but I never expected that we would  win.   After all, GAME OF THRONES had been nominated five times, and had never actually taken home a Globe (Peter Dinklage did win one, as Best Supporting Actor, but never the show itself).   I was in attendance at the Beverly Hilton for several of those nights, but I did not fly out to LA this time, because… well, I have a lot to do, I am way behind with much of it, and anyway, no one expected us to win.   We faced some very formidable competition.   THE CROWN had won twice before, so we knew how much the Hollywood Foreign Press loved that show.   BETTER CALL SAUL and OZARK were both up for their final seasons, and usually a show that is bowing out gets a boost from that.   Last chance, and all.   And SEVERANCE was also in the category, one of the hottest new shows of the past year.  Against that field, I figured we were the longest of long shots.

But when the envelope was opened, it was HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, and…

Miguel Sapochnik, Milly Alcock, and Emma D’Arcy were on hand to accept for us.   Emma was also a nominee, for Best Actress, but Zendaya took that Globe, so… it was great to see them get up there.   Ryan Condal could not make it, he’s off in London deep in pre-production on HotD season 2, but I know he’s as thrilled as I was.   My hat is off to our amazing cast and crew; this is their Globe as well.   And of course congratulations are due to all our friends at HBO, who made the show possible.  Thanks as well to the Hollywood Foreign Press and everyone who voted for us… and everyone who voted for THE CROWN, SEVERANCE, OZARK, and BETTER CALL SAUL as well.   Amazing shows, every one.

And thanks as well to all of you, our fans, viewers, and readers.


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2024 Calendar Featuring JUSTIN SWEET

January 10, 2023 at 8:48 am
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After a long time chasing down one of our favorite artists, we’ve noodled him away from other projects long enough to complete this fabulous set of images for our official Song of Ice and Fire calendar next year.  Justin’s twelve original pieces will immerse you in the Westeros world with beautifully hand painted designs that will put those AI algorithms to shame.

Pre order will be available soon but for now we will leave you with the cover of Justin Sweets 2024 Song of Ice and Fire official Calendar.

And if you want to see more of Justins amazing work check out his website.