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NFL Week One

September 9, 2014

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The Jets won and the Giants lost, but I can't even say the glass is half full.

The Jets win was over the Oakland Raiders.  A lot of the commentators on the sports channels seem to think the Raiders may be the worst team in the league this year… and yet the Jets bared squeaked out the win.  Their defense looked stout, and they dominated, but the offense kept shooting themselves in the foot.  WAY too many penalties, and while Geno had his moments, he also had two fumbles and an interception, which suggests he going to be a turnover machine once again.  I am still not certain that the Jets have a quarterback.  Gang Green won this week, but the schedule gets a lot harder in the weeks to come, and if Geno keeps turning over the ball at that rate, we aren't going to win many more games.

As for the G-Men, those people I quoted above who think the Raiders may be the worst team in the league obviously did not see the Giants lose to the Lions tonight.  What a debacle.  The new offense… well, no one seemed to be on the same page, and Eli threw two INTs… part of which was the confusion, and part of which was the O line, which gave him no protection.  No running game to speak of either, and none of the Giants wideouts seemed to want to catch the ball, not even Victor Cruz.

This could be a very long season.  I'll watch, of course.  I'm a fan, and that's what a true fan does, no matter how painful it gets.  But I don't promise to post every week about Sunday's games.  I am too busy and too tired, and somehow what started out as fun became a sort of obligation, so… I will post when I have something to say.

At least the Cowboys and the Patriots both lost.  THAT was fun. 

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