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September 14, 2014 at 6:18 pm
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Life is miserable and full of pain.

Giants look utterly wretched.  A few good plans from JPP, and maybe we have a new TE emerging.  Nothing else good can be said.  They were humiliated by the Cardinals, with a backup QB.  C'mon.

Jets took a 21-3 lead and still figured out a way to piss it away.  Harassed Aaron Rodgers and sacked him repeatedly, still allowed him to complete the big passes and runs when it counted.  Geno, meanwhile, put up some nice stats early on, but can never seem to make the key throw when the game is on the line.  Well, no, to be fair, he did complete one great pass in crunch time… a TD which was called back when a coach who did not actually have the power to call a time-out somehow called a time-out.  Needless to say, Geno's attempt to duplicate the heroics a few minutes later ended in an INT.

Eli and Geno led the NFL in INTs last year, and both of them are on track to do it again.

And the Cowboys and Patriots both won big, so I don't even have that as solace.


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