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Nominations, Nominations

January 20, 2012

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If it’s an honor just to be nominated — and it is, it is — the cast and crew of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES is being honored all over the world.

CONGRATULATIONS to our wonderful costume designer, Michele Clapton, nominated by the Costume Designer’s Guild for outstanding achievement in the category of Period/ Fantasy Television.

CONGRATULATIONS to Aiden Gillen, Michele Fairley, Brian Kirk, Mark Huffam, and Ronan Hill and his sound post production team, who earned nominations in this year’s Irish Film & Television Awards as (respectively) best supporting actor (TV), best lead actress (TV), best director (TV), television drama, and sound (film/ tv drama).

And CONGRATULATIONS to our crack visual effects team, nominated by the Visual Effects Society for awards in three categories.

All our nominees face formidable competition, but win or lose, it is great to get this kind of recognition from peers in the industry. And it’s proof positive of what a great team Dan and David and HBO have assembled to bring GAME OF THRONES to you.

Break a leg, guys and gals. Hell, break a whole bunch o’ legs.

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