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A Conversation With Cornwell

January 17, 2012 at 4:09 pm
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Bernard Cornwell has a new book coming out, which is great news if you’re one of his fans, as I am. Or if you love great historical fiction. Or kickass stories, period. (And if you’re a fantasy fan who has never read historical fiction… well, you need to broaden your horizons, and Cornwell is a terrific place to start. Especially if you like action. There’s no one who writes better action scenes, in any genre).

In honor of the occasion, our British publisher (HarperCollins) and Amazon arranged an email conversation/ interview between the two of us. Turns out Bernard has read my books as well, which pleased me no end).

A short excerpt from our talk can be found on Amazon at:

Amazon only had room for a few questions, however. Actually, our talk went on considerably longer. The full interview will be going up soon on the HarperCollins website. I will be posting it on my own website as well. Will post a link here as soon as it’s up.


OKAY! The complete conversation with Bernard Cornwell can now be found on my website, on the News page. Enjoy.

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