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Win One, Lose One

January 19, 2012

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So I’m back from LA, once more catching up and digging out.

If you watched the Golden Globe telecast on Sunday, you already know that GAME OF THRONES lost out to HOMELAND in the Best TV Drama category. Ah, well. It IS an honor just to be nominated, of course, and HOMELAND is an excellent series and a very worthy winner. My congrats to their cast and crew… especially to my old friends (scary to realize just how old) Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, the showrunners. Back in the dawn of time, when Vincent ruled the underworld and dinosaurs roamed the earth, Alex and Howard and I all worked together on the writing staff of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. If we had to lose, I’m glad it was to “the Lads” and their show.

And GOT had its taste of victory too: Peter Dinklage won for Best Supporting Actor, for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister. A well deserved win over a stellar group of actors.

So… one win, one loss, but a great day, even for those of us who were “differently victorious” (to steal a line from Michael Cassutt). I got to walk the red carpet with my lady Parris, meet Paul Giamatti and Steve Buscemi, visit with Amy Poehler, party with David and Dan and Peter and Emilia and Bryan, not to mention lovely Lisa Bonet and sensational Stana Katic. And Jason Momoa almost twisted my head off. ((I really need to find some way to bring Khal Drogo back from the dead, I do, I do)) That doesn’t happen every day.

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