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Croatia Gets The Gold

September 30, 2011

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Sorry, Portugal.

When I put up the post about my Portuguese publisher winning the gold medal for being the first to release a translation of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS (see below), a number of readers in Croatia wrote me to say, no, the Croatian edition was out first. I had not seen the Croatian edition, or even a jpeg of its cover… but now I have.

They were right. Croatia was first. Portugal was second. Croatia gets the gold, Portugal the silver. (The bronze remains to be determined, so far as I know). Both Croatia and Portugal split the book into two volumes, and have thusfar released only the first half.

Here’s the Croatian cover for volume one of DANCE:

And here’s their cover for the second part, which is not yet published, but is in the pipeline and should be out soon:

Meanwhile, filming of the second season of the HBO series in currently underway in Dubrovnik, so Croatia is doubly blessed. A lot of Croatians have been hired as extras and crew, and a few have speaking roles as well.

Portugal, on the other hand, gets a visit from me next spring.

So everybody wins. I hope.

Enjoy the read, whatever language you may be reading in.

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