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April 12, 2010

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The Jets made another huge splash in the NFL offseason yesterday, trading for the talented but troubled Pittsburgs Steeler wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Holmes comes to New York complete with a four-game suspension for violation of the league’s substance abuse policy, so the Jets don’t actually get him on the field until game five. He’s also in trouble for an incident down in Florida where he is accused of throwing a glass of juice in a woman’s face. If that one goes badly for him, it could well result in an additional suspension.

On the other hand, the Jets get Holmes incredibly cheaply. The Steelers will receive a fifth-round draft choice in this year’s draft, a bag of old footballs, and some used jockstraps. And when Holmes is actually on the field, he’s a damned good receiver. Witness the sensational catch he made in the waning seconds of the SuperBowl two years ago, which won the Steelers the world championship.

I really have mixed feelings about this trade. The Jets did need a major infusion of talent at the wide receiver position, no doubt of it. Mark Sanchez needs someone to throw to, if he is to avoid the traditional sophomore slump, and Gang Green’s league-leading rush attack can only benefit if they can improve their passing offense.

They did pick up Braylon “Ooops” Edwards last year in a trade, but so far he has not shown he is the answer. There have been persistent rumors of the Jets trading for Brandon Marshall of the Broncos, and even talk of them signing Plaxico Burress once he gets out of prison. Acquiring Holmes makes all that moot.

On the other hand, I am not crazy about the Jets being the new Oakland Raiders and filling up the roster with troublemakers and low-character castoffs from other teams.

This trade is going to impact the Jets long before Santonio actually takes the field in green and white. A whole bunch of mock drafts had Gang Green selecting Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate in the first round when the NFL assembles in NYC at the end of the month for their annual game of high stakes Pick’em. That’s looking a lot less likely this morning. Bad news for Tate, probably… but it does free the Jets to fill another area of need, now that we are set at wideout (kinda sorta).

Should be an interesting year.

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