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That Time of Year

April 3, 2010 at 10:50 am
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It’s that time of year. I have an appointment with my accountant on Wednesday, so I am doing my taxes. Or more precisely, preparing my taxes so my accountant can do them.

Whatever you call it, I am drowning in little bits of paper.

I don’t actually mind paying taxes. I recognize that taxes are the price of civilization, that they pay for many things I value and would be loathe to do without.

But I hate DOING taxes. I hate receipts, and 1099s, and W-2s and W-3s, and adding up everything six times in hopes they finally match, and searching for that hotel bill from that con last February it’s got to me in their somewhere…

mutter mutter mutter

And don’t get me going on ESTIMATED taxes. A unique treat reserved for us self-employed.

mutter mutter mutter

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