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Stick ‘Em With the Pointy End

April 11, 2010 at 1:48 pm
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Filming on HBO’s GAME OF THRONES series will be resuming in June, in Northern Ireland.

Maisie Williams, who will play Arya Stark, is preparing for her part by practicing her needlework. I though you might enjoy seeing these recent pictures of her that her mom was kind enough to send me.

Her sword, of course, is the full-scale replica of Needle produced by the good folks at Valyrian steel.

You can get a Needle for your very own Arya at

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Cage Matches

April 11, 2010 at 12:04 pm
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The Suvudu cage match is going down to the wire. More than 26,000 votes cast, I am astonished to see. Last time I looked Jaime was down about 130 votes. If you’d like to cast a vote or make a comment on the match, go to

But do it soon. Voting closes at 8pm Eastern.

All this interest in imaginary people fighting other imaginary people while their respective fans pontificate about who would win and why has already prompted one well regarded book blog to denounce the whole thing as nerdism. Well, hell. Maybe so.

(But then again, nerds now rule the world. Or is that geeks? I always get the two confused. Geeks are the ones who bite the heads off chickens, I recall, but… )

It is true that only fantasy fans seem to go in for this sort of thing. Though perhaps Suvudu should follow this tournament with another one for SF characters. The Shrike could have another chance (he didn’t really belong in the fantasy tournament), and so could Arthur Dent (ditto). But think of all the other great characters they could bring in. Michael Valentine Smith. The Grey Lensman. The Ship Who Sang. Paul Atreides. Hari Seldon. The Stainless Steel Rat. Honor Harrington. Miles Vorkosigan. Captain Future. R. Daneel Olivaw. Sam. Blackie Duquesne. Nicholas van Rijn. Kirth Gerson. Bill, the Galactic Hero. Jonathan Hoag. Odd John. C’mell. Golden Boy, Jack Braun. Retief. One of Fred Saberhagen’s berserkers. But no, NOT Han Solo or Captain Kirk, please, leave the TV and film characters out of it, or they’d dominate. (Well, except for Pinto Vortando. You can include Pinto Vortando. His fandom is very small).

Even better, why not a MAINSTREAM cage match? Just think of the matches! The Great Gatsby v. Ebeneezer Scrooge. Madame Bovary v. Tom Jones. Huck Finn v. Lord Jim. Wilfrid of Ivanhoe v. Rabbit Angstrom. Jane Eyre v. Portnoy. Scarlett O’Hara v. Sammy Glick. Oliver Twist v. Captain Ahab. Lenny and George (got to keep them as a team) v. Silas Marner.


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