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The Return of Dunk and Egg

January 21, 2010

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March 16 is the official publication date for WARRIORS, the big crossgenre anthology that I edited with Gardner Dozois.

A few early reviews are already starting to pop up on the internet. Check ’em out:

There’s all kinds of great stuff in WARRIORS: an all-star lineup of writers from half a dozen different genres, wonderful stories by Joe Lansdale, Diana Gabaldon, Howard Waldrop, Peter S. Beagle, Lawrence Block, and many more… and even a Seven Kingdoms novella from yours truly. For those who enjoyed “The Hedge Knight” and “The Sworn Sword,” WARRIORS will feature “The Mystery Knight,” the third tale of Dunk & Egg.

And just to whet your appetites, Patrick St. Denis (benighted Dallas Cowboys fan though he is) has just posted a short excerpt to Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, which you can sample here:

For the rest of the story, of course, you’ll need to buy WARRIORS.

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