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August 22, 2009

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My posts about the recent castings have drawn plenty of comments, which is great.

But they have also brought out the trolls… or, to give some of them the benefit of the doubt, some thoughtless and rude posters.

I don’t mind readers posting their opinions, even critical opinions. But I do expect posters to show a certain amount of respect. Gratuitously nasty or insulting posts directed at the actors or producers of the HBO series will be deleted, just as if they were nasty or insulting posts directed at me. Ditto attacks on other posters. Disagree or criticize as you like, but be civilized about it. “X does not look the character in the books” is fine, but “X looks like a horse’s rump and makes me want to vomit” is not. Ty is still screening all the comments and will continue to do so. Posts that go beyond the pale will never be posted, and repeat offenses will get you banned.

This, of course, applies to less than one post in a hundred, of course. Most of you are great. But regardless of what goes on elsewhere, a certain tone will be observed on Not A Blog.

Thank you.

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