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At Worldcon

August 9, 2009 at 12:10 am
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Montreal is a lovely city with many fine restaurants.

The con… well, there have been problems. Major meltdown at the party hotel last night resulted in the hotel management at the Delta descending on the SFWA suite and throwing most of the world’s leading SF and fantasy authors out of their hotel for… wait for it now… talking too loudly. A few of us refused to leave and continued the party in whispers. Here’s to Connie Willis, James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, and the rest of the small company of Those Who Would Not Be Expelled.

Lots of bad juju at the Delta, which does not seem to have realized that being the party hotel entailed crowded rooms and noise. Hours-long wait for the elevator to the party floor, the 28th. Yes, elevator, singular. They have a whole bank of elevators, but fans were only allowed to use one, the rest being reserved for “real guests.” (The words are the Delta’s).

The BWB party is in the Delta tonight, 28th floor. Here’s hoping we don’t see the same problems.

If Dany has been cast, it is news to me.

Lovely wake for Charlie Brown in the Intercontinental. It doesn’t seem like worldcon without him. If there is an afterlife, I bet he’s found the best party by now.

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