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My Tower o’ Babel

April 24, 2009 at 12:10 am
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The renovations on my office house that have been going on since last June are finally almost complete, and I’ve started moving my stuff in at last.

Two stories plus a basement (a big deal in Santa Fe, no one has basements here). The basement is just a basement, with a laundry, a furnace, and a wine cellar. The second story is for my library… books by other people.

The first floor, though, that combines my brag library — the many and various editions of my own books — with lighted glassed-in barrister shelves for my toy soldiers and miniatures.

The displays are mostly in chaos as yet, but I’m looking forward to filling them up with an endless series of eye-popping dioramas.

And the bookshelves… well, I’ll just have to write some books to fill those.

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