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A Storm of Swords: Enhanced Edition available on iBooks December 15th

December 15, 2016 at 12:06 pm
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*This post has been brought to you by the Minions of Fevre River #GRRMinion*

A newly enhanced edition of "A Storm of Swords" is available on iBooks
today December 15th!

The new, unique features available in all the enhanced editions from Apple are:
• Gorgeous new covers
• Interactive character maps
• Author annotations
• Character journeys and timelines
• Family trees/House histories
• House/sigil summaries
• Stunning illustrations
• Audio clips

Click link and watch George’s interview for A Storm of Swords – Enhanced Edition:

Click link to purchase the edition:

Click link to browse all iBook editions:

*This post has been brought to you by the Minions of Fevre River #GRRMinion*

Jean Cocteau Cinema Presents: Q&A and Book Signing with Tony DiTerlizzi #GrrMinion

February 24, 2016 at 12:18 pm
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Ogre Jenni speaking! I am one of George's minions who helps out at Jean Cocteau Cinema.

This February and March we celebrate the incredible work of Tony DiTerlizzi, illustrator and co-creator of The Spiderwick Chronicles!

On Tuesday, March 1st at 4:00 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time), we will feature a special screening of the 2008 film adaptation of The Spiderwick Chronicles (PG). Afterward at 6:30 p.m (MST), we have the privilege of welcoming DiTerlizzi to our cinema for a Q&A and book signing! Tickets are $10 for event admission only, or $35 for event admission and a copy of Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide. If you can't make it to Santa Fe, make sure to check out Jean Cocteau Cinema's Periscope feed at 6:30 p.m. (MST) on March 1st to watch the event live!

The Jean Cocteau Cinema Gallery currently showcases a selection of DiTerlizzi’s original illustrations and giclee prints, which are available for purchase. For inquiries about art sales, like us and send us message us on Facebook! We will happily send you a packet with some information, but please give us at least 24 hours to respond.

In addition, signed copies of The Spiderwick Chronicles, and several other books featuring DiTerlizzi’s award-winning illustrations, will be available for purchase at our online bookstore on March 4th.

See you at the Cocteau!

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Jean Cocteau Cinema Hosts Free “Colony” Screening and Conversation with Ryan J. Condal #GrrMinion

February 15, 2016 at 5:55 pm
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Hello everyone! I am Ogre Jenni, and I work for George R.R. Martin’s beautiful theatre in Santa Fe, Jean Cocteau Cinema.

Thursday, February 18th at 7:00 PM, we will host two free episodes (Episodes 6 and 7) of USA’s highly-anticipated sci-fi drama, "Colony". Immediately following the TV show screenings, we will host a conversation between Ryan J. Condal, the show’s creator, and George R.R. Martin!

For participating audience members there will be exclusive "Colony" giveaways (awesome red berets) and vouchers for free concessions. All you lucky attendees have to do is post to your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #Colony.

Can’t make it to Santa Fe? Thursday’s conversation with Ryan and George will be streamed live on IGN's Periscope channel at 8:30 PM (Mountain Standard Time). You won't be able to watch the broadcast until 8:30 PM sharp, so keep an eye on your clocks! Here is the link for the Periscope broadcast:


From executive producers Carlton Cuse (“Lost”) and Ryan Condal (“Hercules”) comes USA’s highly-anticipated drama “Colony.” Set in the very near future, “Colony” centers on one family’s struggle to survive and bring liberty back to the people of an occupied Los Angeles.

SAG winner Josh Holloway (“Lost”) stars as former FBI agent Will Bowman and Satellite Award winner Sarah Wayne Callies (“The Walking Dead”) stars as his wife, Katie, in the series which takes place in a dangerous world of divided ideologies. While some choose to collaborate with the occupation and benefit from the new order, others rebel and suffer the consequences. After being separated from their son during the invasion, Will and Katie are willing to do whatever is necessary to be reunited with him. Thus, when the powerful Proxy Snyder (Peter Jacobson, “House”) offers Will a chance to get his son back if he will collaborate with the occupational government, Will and Katie find themselves faced with the toughest decision of their lives. They will have to go beyond whatever they thought possible to protect their family.

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Signed Copies of “Hunter’s Run” Now Available at the Jean Cocteau

February 5, 2016 at 12:26 pm
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Ogre Jenni speaking! I am one of George's assistants here in Santa Fe.

The Jean Cocteau Cinema Bookstore just received some copies of Hunter’s Run, a science fiction story with a psychological thriller backbone, by George R.R. Martin, Gardner Dozois, and Daniel Abraham.


Running from poverty and hopelessness, Ramón Espejo boarded one of the great starships of the mysterious, repulsive Enye. But the new life he found on the far-off planet of São Paulo was no better than the one he abandoned. Then one night his rage and too much alcohol get the better of him. Deadly violence ensues, forcing Ramón to flee into the wilderness.

Mercifully, almost happily alone—far from the loud, bustling hive of humanity that he detests with sociopathic fervor—the luckless prospector is finally free to search for the one rich strike that could make him wealthy. But what he stumbles upon instead is an advanced alien race in hiding: desperate fugitives, like him, on a world not their own. Suddenly in possession of a powerful, dangerous secret and caught up in an extraordinary manhunt on a hostile, unpredictable planet, Ramón must first escape . . . and then, somehow, survive.

And his deadliest enemy is himself.

Each book is signed by all three authors, and you may purchase your copy here. There are only a handful of copies available, so order quickly! If you have an inquiry about international shipping, please email for a quote.

This message has been brought to you by the Minions of Fevre River.