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October 4, 2020

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One more week and two more losses.   What an NFL season this is turning into.

The big difference this week was that only the Giants lost on Sunday.   The Jets got it over with early and lost on Thursday night.

Both games were closer than last week’s blowouts, which I suppose is something to be thankful for.   (But not much).

Aside from that, the theme was more or less the same as the first couple of weeks.   The Jets were defeated by the Denver Broncos 37-28.  They actually scored first in this contest, and led again (briefly) in the second half, but of course they fell apart at the end.   It was the closest contest they have had all year, but that was not entirely encouraging.   The Broncos are another dreadful team, though plainly not as dreadful as Gang Green.  Denver was also 0-3 entering the game.   Now they are 1-3 and the Jets are 0-4.   Worse, the Broncos were the weakest opponent the Jets are going to face for quite a while.  Looking at what lies ahead for them in the weeks to come, I think there is a very real possibility Gang Green may be 0-7 or 0-8 or 0-9.  They even have a chance to go 0-16, which would at least get them first pick in next year’s draft.   There’s supposed to be a red hot can’t miss quarterback coming out, which some might think means hope for the future… except I remember when Sam Darnold was the red hot can’t miss quarterback coming out, so…

The Giants loss was to the LA Rams, a much better team than Denver, and they played the game in Los Angeles.  Away games are always harder, even when they have cardboard cutouts in the stands in place of fans.   A loss is a loss is a loss, but I have to say, the G-Men gave a really good effort in this one.  The final score was 17-9, but the Giants had a chance to tie the game and maybe even win it right up to the last minute of the fourth quarter, when Daniel Jones threw a drive-killing INT near the Rams goal line.   That was his only turnover of the game, however; despite being sacked numerous times and pressured constantly, he did not lose a fumble, which came as a huge relief.   Meanwhile, the defense did a really good job of holding the potent Rams offense, which has been scoring 30 a game, in check.   The biggest problem continues to be the O line.   The Giants have been trying to bolster that for years, with trades, free agent signings, and high draft picks, but it remains a mess.   Maybe one day..

The Giants are not going to be going to the playoffs.  All chance of that ended when Saquon Barkley went down.   But I think they might manage to win a few games before the season ends.

I am not so sure about the Jets.

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